How to Get Upgraded to First Class

Whether you travel often or rarely travel at all, I think everyone has one thing in common... that we all wished we were flying first class! For me it's hard to justify the high price tag for a larger seat and some better food, but it's definitely worth it if you don't have to pay!

Here's How You Can Score a Seat in First Class!

1. Be a Loyal Traveler 

The first thing you have to do is choose an airline, or a group of airlines that you're loyal to. This might mean that you wont always be paying the lowest fares, have the fastest route or be riding in the nicest planes, but it does mean that you'll be racking up points and rewards in no time! Explore Sky TeamStar Alliance, and One World and see which one suits your travels best, when you fly with them often, they'll want to reward you whenever they can! Also, remember to always use your frequent flyer number whenever you travel, and you might scored even more!

2. Dress Like the Seat is Yours

If you look the part, there's a higher chance that they'll upgrade you to first class. You're more likely to get bumped if you'll fit in with the other passengers than if didn't.

3. Put on that Charm

At every step of airport travel it's always a good idea to put on the charm, be your really nice self and see what comes out of it! Whether you're at check-in, the gate, or even already on the airplane, you kindness will pay off with the airline staff because they'll like you so much they'll want to upgrade you!

4. Always be on a Honeymoon

Whether you're flying with your boy/girlfriend or your spouse of 10 years, act like it's the day after your wedding and you're going on your honeymoon! The airline staff will feel the love in the air and want to take part in making your trip as comfortable and amazing as possible! 

5. Check in Early or Late

If your plane is full and you check in late, you're more likely to score a spot in first class if the flight is oversold and they want to make room for everyone on that flight. If you're too late however, you might be bumped to another flight. If you check in early, and the flight isn't booked, they might want to offer upgrades to the first passengers that arrive.

All of us are traveling to get somewhere and to have a great vacation, save your money for the trip and dazzle your way into first class instead!

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