I would love To connect with you!

If you're interested in working together, I'd love to learn more! Here are a few ideas on how we could collaborate:

  • Recipe Development

    • Have a delicious product and need help creating recipes for it? I'd love to work with you to develop recipes that can be featured on my blog and yours!
  • Content Creation 

    • Require photos to feature on your brand's website, blog or social media? We can work together to create awesome photos for you to feature!
  • Product Exposure and Sponsorship

    • Need more exposure for your product? I'd love to sample it and write a review for you to share with my friends and followers! If you're product is a good fit, I'd be happy to spread the love
  • Brand Ambassador

    • I love to work with brands that have the same values and goals as I do! If your product promotes health and wellness, or the beauty of travel, I'd be so happy to learn more about how we can work together!
  • Freelance Journalism and Photography

    • I love writing and taking photos. If you need someone to do either for you, I'd be happy to help!
  • Social Media Consultation 

    • I have over 5 years of work experience in social media, PR and communications and would love to consult you on how you can grow your exposure and provide you the right tools to do so! 

Contact me below, or through email:

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